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Our Company


GLOBAL BUSINESS HUB is an innovative new decentralized virtual mall that will use Google Cloud to secure customer data, facilitate Ecommerce transactions, and drastically change user experience. The integration of smart contracts technology will ultimately provide a higher level of security in the realm of Ecommerce. The interoperability of the platform will serve as the basis for future scalability and sustainable growth. Extensive analysis into competing businesses exposes a lack of unprecedented user experience.

The current status quo is not healthily sustainable as advancements in technology become more commonplace. The implementation of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality into the Ecommerce industry will provide efficient website navigation, revolutionary product visualization, and unparalleled consumer convenience. The extrapolated Ecommerce revenue projections indicate a lucrative future if companies can adapt to necessary market transformations.

Platform Development and Capacity Building Journey


From developing the decentralized exchange capability and further scale the exchange infrastructure to other necessary trading service with the capacity to accommodate multi exchanges, G-Harvest and G-Smartfolio, we have set the below product development roadmap and each milestone tackles a critical aspect of the trading or service demands that we would like to fulfill




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